Upgrade your TV’s audio with Sonos home theater systems: Playbar, Beam, and Arc.

Sonos Home Theater Reviews

Sonos home theater systems like the Playbar, Beam and Arc are a great way to upgrade your TV’s audio. They are very easy to set up and have excellent support available should you run into any issues.

Oscar-winning audio engineers helped fine-tune each soundbar for exceptionally clear dialogue. Stream music, podcasts and more from your favorite services over WiFi.

The Sonos Playbar

The Playbar is the first sound bar to deliver what Sonos calls virtual surround sound. In CNET’s testing, it threw a field that stretched the width of our listening room and made us believe we were hearing sounds from other sides of the TV.

But it’s not just a soundbar, it’s a smart speaker as well and works with all the major streaming services, including Apple Music, Amazon Music, Tidal, Deezer and Spotify. You can control everything via the Sonos app on iOS and Android.

You can even turn it into a 5.1 surround system with the addition of two Sonos Play:3 speakers for rear-channel surround and a Sonos Sub for bass. But the Playbar is great on its own, delivering richer and deeper bass than all but one of the other sound bars we tested. It also delivers clear dialogue and emotions that drift in the background, thanks to a voice enhancement feature. And it’s simple to use, with an interface that’s a single button on the side of the soundbar.

The Sonos Beam

With the Beam Gen 2, Sonos has made what many consider to be a worthy successor to its first-generation model. In our tests it sounded more refined with deeper bass, clearer voices and better dynamic headroom.

Unlike the Playbar that uses Apple AirPlay 2 for audio streaming, the Beam is connected to your TV by HDMI (eARC or an optional optical adapter). This allows it to support Dolby Atmos, which adds height channels to surround sound audio.

This is great for TV shows, movies and games, but it also improves music listening from Spotify, Tidal, Amazon Music, Google Play, your phone and other network-connected devices. You can control your Beam with the app, voice commands and even with your TV remote. It can be placed on a piece of furniture or mounted to the wall with Sonos’ custom mount. You can also group it with other Beams and speakers in your home, giving you a whole-home sound system.

The Sonos Sub

The Sonos Sub was first launched in 2012 to instantly upgrade all of the company’s multi-room speakers (Play:3 / Play:5 / Playbase) to deliver deep bass sound without a dedicated speaker. It’s now in its 3rd generation and has remained virtually unchanged – size, shape and construction principle remain the same and the Sonos app still manages all EQ settings as well as loudness.

The Sub is a large subwoofer comparable in size to a PC tower and finished in gloss black. It has an O shape with elliptical bass ports arranged in a push-pull arrangement that Sonos says eliminates cabinet rattling. It can be stood upright or laid flat on the floor and a set of permanent felt feet are provided which allow it to be placed on rugs.

One thing that sets the Sonos Sub apart from most other modern home theater and audio systems is that it doesn’t feature a standard connection jack. Instead, it has to be wirelessly paired and connected to other Sonos products through the Sonos app. This adds to initial setup time but it’s an inconvenience that only happens once and is then largely forgotten about as the Sub brings effortless high quality bass sound to all of your favourite music and movie content.

The Sonos Arc

Feel sound all around you with the Dolby Atmos experience. Eleven drivers, including elliptical drivers and angled side tweeters, produce rich detail and augmented bass. Designed to be discreet, Arc can mount to the wall or sit on a credenza beneath your TV. Smart Trueplay tuning optimises the sound for the unique acoustics of your room. Control Arc with your remote, the Sonos app, voice, and Apple AirPlay.

ARC and HDMI passthrough enable you to stream audio to Sonos Arc from any source connected to your TV. Capacitive touch controls make it easy to play, pause, and adjust volume.

The Sonos Arc is a premium standalone bar that’s perfect for music and movies, though you can add a subwoofer and satellites to improve surround performance. It’s better built than the LG S90QY, has a superior soundstage, surround, and height performance, and offers more built-in voice assistant support and EQ presets.

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